Small Town Wedding

Small Town Wedding Palm Coast

Wedding photography packages from $500 – $2500. As a professional wedding and bridal photographer Katerina Krjanina has years of experience working with Brides, Grooms, and wedding venues. Katerina offers wedding photography services in Palm Coast and cities around. Her photography career began more than 15 years ago in Europe. Katerina Krjanina has more than 10 years’ experience working as a wedding bridal photographer in United States, Latin America and Europe. Great skills, experience and communication (English, Spanish) helps Katerina Krjanina provide outstanding wedding photography services to every bride and grooms she works with. As a wedding photographer Katerina works as an outdoor indoor bridal portraiture photographer as well. Katerina Krjanina provides great quality wedding photography and bridal photography services in city of Palm Coast including Hammock Beach Resort, Hammock Beach, Flagler Beach and areas around.

For booking, please contact us by Phone (386)338-1408; (386)312-7731 or email:

Wedding Photography Packages Palm Coast

Platinum Wedding Photography Package $1200 MOST POPULAR

Gold Wedding Photography Package $900 MOST POPULAR

Silver Wedding Photography Package $700

Bronze Wedding Photography Package $500

Small Last Minute Wedding Photography Package

For booking, please contact us by Phone (386)338-1408; (386)312-7731 or email:

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