Maternity Photography

$300 includes (100 images), 1 outfit, 5 edited photos

$400 includes (200 images), 2 outfits, 7 edited photos

Maternity + Newborn Prices

$700 includes (300 images), 2 outfits, 10 edited photos

About Maternity Photographer

Our photographer believes that pregnancy is a time of excitement and anticipation for the arrival of the newest member of your family. Photography KJ Studio photographer helps to capture that excitement and create memorable maternity photographs that will evoke that feeling of anticipation for years to come. Maternity photography can be intimidating for some women, but as an experienced photographer, Katerina can make expectant mothers feel and look beautiful during all photography session process. Photography KJ Studio maternity photographs make every maternity picture look special and glow of joy and loving anticipation for the new arrival.

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