Holiday Portraits

Holiday photography and Christmas portraits are perfect option to capture memories. Our holiday photography sessions are priced starting at $350 and must be booked in advance. We offer several holiday photography packages for children including Holiday Minis.

Little Me

My Very 1sr Christmas

If you are looking to capture your baby very 1st Christmas give us a call today! Photography KJ Studio offers charming Christmas studio setup and themed photo shoots for children. The 1st Christmas photography sessions vary between $350 – $600 depending of the studio set up and winter pros.


Newborn Holiday Portraits

Newborn photography is adorable! We work with professional newborn photographer that has years of experience to capture little faces. Photography KJ Studio offers several newborn photography packages including themed photography sessions for newborns. Newborn portraits are priced starting at $600 per photo shoot ad must be booked in advance.


Studio Holiday Photography

Kids portraits, children photography and studio photo sessions

Kids portraits, children photography and studio photo sessions

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