Bridal Shower Photography

$300 – $400 includes:  2 Hours, Flash drive with all photos (100 – 150 images)

$500 – $600 includes: 3 Hours, Flash drive with all photos (100 – 200 images)

$700 – $800 includes: 4 Hours, Flash drive with all photos (200 – 300 images)

$1,000 – $1,500 includes: All Day, Flash drive with all photos (200 – 300 images)

About Bridal Shower Photographer

The Bridal Shower Photography session is a great way for a busy bride to relax with friends and family. Photography KJ Studio is here for capturing your best memories and photographs. Bridal Showers can be a delightful treat that’s why we offer a professional photography service during your Bridal Shower event and Wedding Photography Ceremony. During a Bridal Shower our photographer captures most beautiful moments with friends and family. We believe that Bridal Shower Event is all about a Bride, a special décor, gifts, bridesmaids, most cherished friends and family. We make sure that every detail reflects a bride and a bridal shower event. We suggest you hire a professional photograph for your bridal shower event.

Price Inquiry & Booking

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