Newborn Photography Palm Coast

Newborn Photography Palm Coast

Newborn Photography sessions from $150. Newborn Photography Sessions are one of our favorites! Maternity Photography sessions and Newborn Photography sessions let us capture most precious and priceless moments once your baby is born. Our female photographer is working with newborns for several years. She photographed babies being only a few hours old. Emotions and feeling during Newborn Photography session are unbelievable! We recommend to photograph a Newborn Baby in a house. This option is perfect for Mommy and a Newborn. Also both parents and a baby will have NO stress bring child to a studio. We use on-location photography studio coming to your house. All professional studio lightening provided during Newborn Photography session. We also offer props during a shoot. Parents are welcome to use their own baby props. Outdoor Newborn Photography session can be requested as well. Newborn Photography sessions are offered in Palm Coast Florida, Bunnell, Flagler Beach, Hammock Beach and areas around. Price may vary on the location.

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Newborn Photography Prices

Mini Newborn Photography Session $100

Newborn Photography Session $150

Premium Newborn Photography Session $350 – $600

Twin Newborn Photography Session $200

About Newborn Photographer

For posed newborn photography sessions, it’s never too early to book. As a newborn photographer Katerina’s experienced shows that the best time to photograph a newborn is within the first 1-10 days of life. During this time baby bones are very flexible and feel no discomfort in those curly, adorable poses. Katerina is happy to photograph older babies, but she can’t guarantee that your baby will still be as flexible or comfortable in order stage. She knows that all babies are different, and Katerina does her best to adjust to a perfect pose. Katerina’s newborn photography sessions are typically 1 – 4 hours long in order to stay relaxed, allow time for feedings, and capture all the desired images. Newborn Photography sessions can take place in your home anytime in the first week once baby is born.

Contact information & Booking Phone: (386)338-1408 E-mail:

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Newborn Photographer Palm Coast Florida

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