Newborn Photographer Palm Coast

Newborn Photographer Palm Coast

Newborn photographer Katerina Krjanina knows that babies grow up so fast. Katerina knows how important is to capture those first precious weeks and months with baby photographs. Professional female newborn photographer Katerina Krjanina is experienced newborn photographer. Katerina works as a newborn photographer for several years. She photographed babies who just being born. Newborn photographer Katerina is capturing little one’s special personality. Newborn photography requires a delicate approach and a warm, friendly attitude in order to create perfect newborn or baby portraits. As the mother of 5 adorable kids newborn photographer Katerina has years of experience working with newborn babies in Florida and areas around.

Contact information & Booking Phone: (386)338-1408 e-mail:

Newborn Photography Session Prices

Mini Newborn Photography Session $100

Newborn Photography Session $150

Premium Newborn Photography Session $350 – $600

Twin Newborn Photography Session $200

Contact information & Booking Phone: (386)338-1408 e-mail:

24/7 Call and Text Phone number: (386)312-7731

Questions, Booking, Reservation request answered within 24 hours. Hablamos español.

Newborn Photographer Palm Coast Florida

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