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Just like any other photo session, Photography KJ Studio photographer works within a certain timeline. Time of the day doesn’t matter, if Family Photography sessions done in a studio. If our photographer works with a natural light, considering the ideal time of the day is very important. Best times obviously change with seasons and geographic locations. Considering that we are in Florida best time to work with a natural light will be early mornings and evenings especially if Family Photography session done in the beach. During winter months best photography time will be afternoons. Those photographs can be done is studio or outdoor in open space. Price may vary on the session place.

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Family Photographer in Flagler Beach

One of all things photography I love photographing family portraits. For Photography KJ Studio and photographer Katerina Krjanina, family portraiture is generally more flexible and fun than any other type of photography. Family photography gives Katerina lots of opportunities to express her creativity. If you are thinking about getting family portraiture or perhaps someone asked you to suggest a family photographer for their family, you might want to recommend Photography KJ Studio photographer Katerina Krjanina.

Family Photographer available in Flagler Beach, Palm Coast, Bunnell, Hammock Beach, Cinnamon Beach and areas around.

Contact information & Booking Phone: (386)338-1408 E-mail:

About Family Photographer

Every time you book a family portrait session with Katerina Krjanina she does her best to get to know her client first. Katerina’s goal is to create something unique and memorable. If Katerina is hired for a family photography session, it means that this family cares about memories, their children and their relationship with each other. Katerina tries to incorporate client everyday traits, hobbies and lifestyle into the photo session. Often, if not every time, Katerina’s clients come back with fun ideas for their shoot and we pick up from there to work on the logistics.

Contact information & Booking Phone: (386)338-1408 E-mail:

Family Photographer Palm Coast Florida

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