Gold Wedding Photography Package

Gold Wedding Photography Package $900

$900 Gold Wedding Photography Package is the most popular. This wedding photography package is an ideal option for many couples. This package includes up to 5 hours wedding coverage, black and white edited photographs, bride and groom photographs, venue detail photographs and much more. Clients typically book Gold Wedding Photography package up to 6 months before actual wedding date. We do offer an inexpensive “add favorites” Engagement Photography Session to this particular wedding package. Engagement Photography session can be added to Gold Wedding Photography package at $100 cost ONLY. As a Photography KJ Studio photographer I would say that 80 percent of the time brides tell us they want to have Engagement Photography session done. Photography KJ Studio thinks that important photographs are usually of the bride and groom. Our photographer makes sure to provide you most beautiful bride and groom images. Our photographer asks you to pose for those kinds of images. Read more…

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Gold Wedding Photography Package & Prices

The Business of Wedding Photography is an extensive subject. We contribute personal experience gained from running wedding for more than 10 years. Not only we provide great wedding photography packages, but also include step-by-step photographer directing bride and a groom during bridal photography parties and wedding ceremonies. Our Wedding Photography Package Prices and details are flexible. You have an option to customize Wedding Photography package to meet your needs. Our affordable wedding photography packages meet a perfect compromise between an inexpensive budget and expensive wedding ceremony. We capture your most prized wedding day moments. During your wedding we also take photographs of guests, family, wedding décor and venue details. Some of the most commonly photographed items include the chapel, cake, flowers, and rings. Read more…

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Photography KJ Studio Wedding Photographer

Katerina Krjanina has more than 10 years of experience working as a wedding and bridal photographer in US and abroad. For a few years Katerina worked as a wedding photographer in north Georgia provided great photographs as a wedding photographer and digital image editor. Since a few years ago Katerina provides great photography services in central and north Florida. Katerina has experience working with Brides and Grooms in US and abroad including Costa Rica and Europe.

Photography KJ Studio offers 6 Wedding Photography Packages. Wedding Photography Packages designed to fit any budget and can be combined with an Engagement Photography Session, Boudoir Photography Session or Bridal Shower Photography. We offer 2 hours minimum Wedding Photography coverage only and are good for small intimate family wedding. This coverage is a perfect last minute option photography service. Maximum Wedding Photography coverage offered is 6 hours Platinum Wedding Photography Package. This Wedding Photography Packages can include additional wedding hours or Bride & Groom Engagement Photography session.

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