Newborn Photography

Newborn Photography $150

Newborn photography has been around for several years. Photography KJ Studio professional photographer involves a multitude of skills. As a professional newborn photography studio we hold, comfort, pose, wrap newborns to make a magic fairy tale images. Newborn Photography sessions cost $150 and hold in your house for no-newborn stress.

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Newborn Photography

The average Newborn photography Session is 1-3 hours. Remember the session is taken up by everything but taking photos. Newborn Photography session involves settling, knowing and meeting a baby, soothing for sleep, and posing. Our photographer DO NOT rushes it and clock watch. We don’t put newborn and parents under huge pressure. Photography KJ Studio rule is to do just one session a day. Read more…

About Newborn Photographer

Photography KJ Studio knows that babies grow up so fast, and we know how important is to capture those first precious weeks and months with baby photographs. Professional female photographer Katerina Krjanina is experienced newborn photographer. She photographed babies who just being born capturing your little one’s special personality. Baby photography requires a delicate approach and a warm, friendly attitude in order to create perfect newborn or baby portraits. As the mother of four adorable kids she has years of experience working with newborn babies, toddlers and kids.

Hiring a professional photographer isn’t cheap. Photography KJ Studio offer newborn photography from $150 up to $600 per session. If you are thinking to hire a photographer for your maternity photos our photographer offers those as well. Katerina is not only a newborn photographer, but also a maternity photographer. When you hire our professional maternity & newborn photographer, we can guarantee that you’re going to receive beautiful, priceless photographs and cherished memories that you will love for years to come.

Newborn Photography Tips

For posed newborn photography sessions, it’s never too early to book. As a newborn photographer Katerina’s experienced shows that the best time to photograph a newborn is within the first 1-10 days of life. During this time baby bones are very flexible and feel no discomfort in those curly, adorable poses. Katerina is happy to photograph older babies, but she can’t guarantee that your baby will still be as flexible or comfortable in order stage. She knows that all babies are different, and Katerina does her best to adjust to a perfect pose. Katerina’s newborn photography sessions are typically 1-4 hours long in order to stay relaxed, allow time for feedings, and capture all the desired images. Newborn Photography sessions can take place in your home anytime in the first week once baby is born. Read more…

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Newborn Photography Palm Coast Florida

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